memoirs of a hip ‘ole black man

a documentary film on musician Vinx.

Memoirs of a hip ‘ole black man tells the story of a remarkable and original musician.

Vinx De’Jon Parrette  is one of the most loved and respected independent artists in the music industry.  He has consistently chosen to follow his own path and not bow to industry pressures and commercial expectations.  As a pioneer artist he has forged a path full of many rewards, but this path has brought challenging times as well...

This film reveals the secret of his long lasting career.  A secret that will inspire everyone...

updated: 15 dec. 2017

His hands move faster than your eyes can see.

His voice caresses both heart and mind.

A true artist at work.

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Where to be seen?

2018-01-12 Stingray DjazzTV

2017-12-22 Stingray DjazzTV

2017-11-12 DjazzTv, Estonia

2016-11-17 Krasnodar, Russia

2016-11-13 New York Jazz Film Festival, NY/US

  1. award for ‘Best Traditional Documentary based on a Jazz Musician’


2016-08-30 World Music Int. Film Festival, MD/US

        award for ‘best documentary in music’


2016-08-13 Chain NYC Film Festival, NY/US

2016-08-12 the Indie Gathering, OH/US

         award in Best Feature Documentary category

2015-10-17 Desert Rocks Film & Music Event, CA/US

        2nd place Best Feature Documentary

2015-09-25 Sepherdstown, WV / US

2015-09-24 Baltimore, MD / US

2015-09-18 Kansas City, MO / US

2015-09-11 Atlanta, GA / US

2015-09-05 Benicia Film Festival, CA / US

2015-07 Boston, MA / US

2015-06 East Orange, NJ / US

2015-06-14 Chatham, NJ / US

world premiere:

2015-04-26 Bussum, the Netherlands